Academic Vs Business Writing: What Should You Consider for MBA Assignment

Academic Vs Business Writing

You will notice that many students tend to use a similar tone for all of their assignments work. While this is not a bad practice, it can become quite complicated for MBA students. The complexity arises from the fact that there are two types of essay writing structures for students completing their post-graduate studies.

  1. The normal academic writing document.
  2. Business Documents and Writing that are designated for professional use.

Naturally, both of these assignment writing prompts should be treated differently. If you have any confusion about the different formats, you can consult the experts at our academic agency for legitimate Do My Assignment Help. In this article, we will explore and discuss a brief overview of the differences between Academic and Business Writing.

Differences between Academic and Business Writing

Categorically, it would be quite inaccurate to say that academic writing differs from business writing. All effective writing imparts important to the audience clearly and concisely. However, when you look at them from the social-discursive perspective, there are some noteworthy differences between academic writing and business writing.

The rhetoric is derived from the differences between business organisations and academic research organisations. The writing within these institutions differs in the sense that it serves dissimilar purposes, addresses different readership, and caters to a very unique set of problems and issues. You might be familiar with the student versions of academic assignment writing, and unaware of the writing style your professors adopt in the professional world.

Students write to improve their skills and learn

The contexts for academic and non-academic writing differ remarkably. The main purpose of schools and university is to produce and disseminate knowledge amidst the students. The writing student’s produce in such an academic environment is inclined towards ‘writing to learn’ or ‘writing exemplifies all that is learnt’ in the academic setting. Students are writing to explore topics, to learn about new ideas, and to argue a case.

Business writing is to get work done – to endorse and advocate actions

Businesses organisations and firms exist to produce and distribute products and services to the public. In a highly competitive environment and the global market place, they must communicate things appropriately. Business writing is related to solving problems, proposing ground-breaking strategies, and to store important information.

MBA Assignment

It is also used in writing vital business contracts, negotiating business deals and mapping out the direction of the future. Business writers share the audience of managers, employees, regulatory agencies, customers and other stakeholders. It can be best described as writing that supports vital business actions and recommends solutions.

Shared below are some of the key differences to consider while writing an assignment.


Academic writing prompts students to follow the instructions of their professors. The teachers design assignments to inspire them to learn better.

Business writing is generally carried out given its own initiative or because people in the organisation expect them to be written.


Academic writing is to write to be able to demonstrate what student already knows or may have researched.

Business writing is to make things happen and inspire action among the readers.


Academic writing is usually for the teachers and instructors to gain their feedback on several assignment writing prompts.

Business writing is often directed towards large and complex groups of individuals


Academic writing is generally restricted to institutions, schools, colleges and research centres.

Business writing involves writing memos, letters, reports, proposals, evaluation of performance reports, marketing and business plans, audit and sales reports etc.


Academic writing is usually carried out alone and delivered to the professors without sharing and showing it to anyone else.

Business writing involves gaining solicit feedback from others prior to submitting it to publishers and writing it together with a team.


Academic writing usually involves a proper introduction with a thesis statement, followed by body paragraphs that substantiate the thesis, and a sound conclusion. They usually structure their writing based on the requirements of the topic, dissertation and the expectations of their instructors.

Business writing often involves writing a table of contents, an executive summary, strategic industry analyses and recommendations. The structure business writers adopt is according to the audience and the readership they want to influence and inform.


Academic writing involves knowledgeable yet inquisitive and formal tone that demonstrates the measure of control and understanding students have on the topics.

Business writing usually involves adhering to a tone that resonates with the audience it is directed towards.

Master’s in Business Administrations requires strong essay writing skills since colleges and universities assess these skills on a regular basis. The assessments may begin during the application process and continue through the final thesis or dissertation of your post graduate programs. The excessive focus on writing prepares students for the corporate world of business.

In their professional careers, employees are required to write sound and formal language while addressing the readers. They have to carry out various tasks that involve addressing different groups of people, writing memos, instruction manuals, business letters, financial proposals and so much more. It is important to become familiar with these styles of writing as they make a significant component of your post graduate studies. Business writing is helpful in the corporate world and allows you to convey your ideas with clarity.

MBA essay writing involves the standard structuring of an academic essay alongside incorporating concise and precise vocabulary. The reason behind using specialised vocabulary is used is to empathise on the varied concepts in the document. You must also include specific sections or methodologies and highlight them separately. Time management is of crucial importance while writing these documents as marketing information tends to be time sensitive and employees must meet strict deadlines to keep things in check. Business writing should reflect all these skills so it is easier for companies to get work done in a timely manner.

In your degree program, a research paper may explore a topic based on using outside resources, meanwhile, an essay focuses on the writer’s personal opinion. MBA Research papers usually analyze and examine different types of businesses, stores and industries. The topics also explore the past, present and future of the business industry. For instance, one can highlight and write on the topic of globalisation and its impact on different sectors of the business industry.

You can consider business writing over academic writing when it comes to writing your MBA assignment as it involves formal language and a rigid stance. Writing a business cheap assignments implies writing about the business world and hence should apply the language and structural nuances that resonate with business writing. Another thing to consider while writing your essay to maintain a brisk and informative tone throughout your essay. You must write things in a very precise and clear manner to influence your readers. It is important to be able to convey the correct information and ideas to the reader in an easy manner. If you struggle with writing assignments and wonder to yourself, ‘Can someone do my cheap assignments?’ then you can get in touch with various British assignment writers with expertise in their field to help you with your coursework.

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