Expectations vs Reality: The Assignment Life of a Student

Assignment Life of a Student

In the academic world, assignment writing holds vital importance and subsequently is the most difficult area to master in the life of an academic student. The most demoralising thing is that students burn the midnight oil and work hard trying to master assignment writing and aim to achieve an A-grade, but end up with a poor grade!

In a synoptic view, whenever an assignment is assigned to their students, they undergo an adrenaline boost. Consequently, this motivation leads to self-affirming statements, such as: “my assignment will top this time,” “my assignment is going to be an A-grade,” However, living up to these kinds of statements is quite difficult and in order to remain committed to these claims, students are required to work hard. Synoptically saying, the numbers of students sticking to their goals is quite small and only a few of the majority remain glued to their commitments, while the rest procrastinate and exceed deadlines.

In this article, we will guide you through some common mistakes and issues faced by the many students related to assignment writing. The main idea is to draw a thin line between the “expectations” and “reality.”

1. Expectations: “Procrastination is wicked. I will never procrastinate”
Reality: “The deadline is still 5 days away, we have got plenty of time, relax hero.”

Procrastination is the biggest obstacle every student faces in their life. In order to break that obstacle, students are required to maintain a scheduled routine. For instance, whenever the task is assigned, you must prepare to do it by your latest – on the day of the task given. Procrastinator is another word for someone who tends to be lazy. Every time, the said procrastinator makes plans – whether they are fun plans or the arduous assignment writing prompts – they simply delay the task because they might not ‘feel’ like doing it.

Such students procrastinate until the deadline is very close, and they tend to do the job on the night before submission. Without a doubt, undertaking an academic assignment at the eleventh hour is quite the ordeal you would want to avoid. That said, due to the last-minute submission, procrastinating students often tend to miss important attributes related to their assignment and consequently, attain a D or F grade.

What to do:

Many professors and experts believe that procrastinating students must start working on the given projects or assignments as soon as they are assigned. Moreover, even after practice and working overtime, if students still undergo a feeling that they would not be able to perform better, then they should seek academic assistance.

2. Expectations: “we have speedy internet give us any topic we will present to you ample information.”
Reality: “let alone researching the topic, even highlighting the relevant information on the given the topic takes endless hours of research work.”

The mindset of the common students is that once the topic is given to them related to their interests, it becomes quite easy to write a full-fledged assignment on it. They tend to think that half the job is done and they only have to write the assignment to attain an A+. This mindset is utterly unhelpful.

Students do not understand that the writing task is not a piece of cake since they have to research endlessly on the internet and different textbooks – as writing an assignment requires the support of rigid facts and figures.

What to do:

Many reputable online services and MBA assignment help providers have spent decades to gather a set team of writers and researchers who can research and write your assignment. Therefore, a student with a meager level of research skills must opt for an online service such as “Write My Assignment” or take help from any nerdy topper or a professor.

3. Expectations: “Bibliography takes minutes to be written.”
Reality: “oh my god, what do I add here? A semi-colon or a comma?

Many students, including the toppers, entertain a prevalent misapprehension that the bibliography is meant to be written at the last minute – this is a myth and a false belief. The bibliography must be written at the time of researching the topic. In this way, students would be sure to not miss any important attributes to the assignment and more importantly, they wouldn’t miss any citations of the sources. Furthermore, the style of citing the sources must be that of your professor or an international styling guide.

What to do:

Professors usually cite the sources by following international citation styles: MLA, APA, etc. Many students don’t know these styling guides – if you happen to be a student who falls under this category, then you must seek help from the best assignment writing service online.

4. Expectations: “I will beat the deadline this time.”
Reality: “submission of the assignment after the deadline? I think it wouldn’t affect my grades.”

Facebook, scrolling through the endless pictures on Instagram, watching counterproductive videos on YouTube, are some of the traits every academic student – whether in high school on a university – entertains in their life. These activities waste more time than one can think of, and this is also one of the factors a student procrastinates.

5. Expectations: “1200-Word Assignment? Easy-peasy.
Reality: “what do I write in the last 200 words remaining?”

Word count, assuredly, is a major factor that leads to the failure of many students in their assignment writing prompts. Writing an assignment seems easy at the start but once the time starts to pass, the motivation fades away, and students are unable to reach the word count, let alone surpass it.

What to do:

Reaching the word limit seems a very easy task. Many students conceive a prejudiced view that they will surpass the given word count. Since the internet is the pool of information and you have an abundance of data on your fingertips, this factor leads students to believe that they would exceed the specific word count. On the contrary, they end up wanting to pay for assignments as they are unable to finish their tasks prior to the deadline.

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