University Assignment Writing Tips and Tricks

Writing University Assignment

Writing a university assignment is no piece of cake, it requires complete focus and hours of research, you have to follow certain structure and requirements. Even though it may seem complex, we have some tips and tricks to help you churn out a well-written assignment.

1- Understand the questions

Believe me, you don’t want to spend all those hours doing an assignment only to find out that the question asked you to do something else. To avoid this read the question twice slowly and understand what answers it demands from you. Keep an eye out for instructional words like define, analyze, explain, and evaluate as it will guide you on how to answer the question.

2 – Draft an outline

Without an outline, you will get stuck often when writing the assignments and end up with a poorly written assignment that will put your grades in danger. Writing an outline will keep you focused on the question and will guide you when you’re writing the actual assignment. The outline includes what you want to discuss in the introduction, main body and the conclusion of the assignment.

3 – Plan your time

When planing your time calculating how far is your deadline, and how many chores do you have to complete between that time. This will relieve you of your anxiety and you will be focussed on the task in hand. Start early to avoid doing the assignment in one sitting, you can also divide your assignment into mini-milestones to complete at a time. Now you will stay fresh while writing an assignment that will, in turn, help you produce a well-written assignment.

4 – Perform thorough research.

The more detailed and thorough your research is the better your assignment will be and you may also need strong facts and figures to back up your assignment. When starting your research first understand the main idea of your question to help you define your topic and develop a search strategy. Then you can look for reference material like encyclopedias and dictionaries to search for definitions and background information. You can also go through books that are relevant to your topic (if the time allows it). You may think that it’s fine to only use the internet for research but remember not everything will be useful or appropriate for research use. Though you may use google scholar to restrict your search results to reputable sources only.

5 – Take notes

After you have all the relevant information sources it’s time to make notes by extracting the information from them that you need only. Write down relevant information under each research question reading this will help you when you start writing your assignments. Also, be sure to include full details of where you found each piece of information to make citing and referencing easy and also because citing and references wrong pieces of information may adversely affect your grades.

6 – Remove distractions

Now when it’s time to do the actual work, be sure to follow the outline and expand on the notes you made earlier. But don’t just stick to your notes if better ideas pop up, research about them and include them in the assignment. Also do put that smartphone away locked up somewhere, as the constant social media notifications won’t let you focus on writing the assignment. As distractions can make you forget that awesome piece of information you were about to include in the assignment that could have impressed your professor and helped you get the grades of your dream, and again don’t forget to paraphrase, summarise and reference correctly as you write, you don’t wanna lose important marks for such silly mistakes.

7 – Revise after a break

There’s one rule among all professional assignment writers is to never revise just after when you have finished writing as you have spent a lot of time on the assignment and thought have developed in your mind to ”just get done with it”. Therefore you will rush when proofreading and leave a lot of mistakes in the assignment which will lead to the deduction in your grades, this could have been easily avoided if you would have revised after a break as it allows you to read the assignment with a new and clear perspective. Also, make sure that there’s a logical flow of ideas in the assignment, a pro tip is to get someone else to read your assignment at least once.

Assignment Writing Tips

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