FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions

How do you claim to provide confidential writing services?

We truly believe in protecting our customer's confidentiality and that's why we never disclose your personal information in front of a third party. So, stay relaxed because we take care of your personal details just like ours and provide you with highly credible writing services.

How safe is it to place my order with Assignment Valley?

It's simple. When you provide us with your personal information, all those details are shifted to a 128 bit SSLA encrypted server. This truly invulnerable and highly encrypted server saves your information in a plausible manner. So, feel free to place your order and forget all of your security concerns.

Do you really offer 100% plagiarism-free assignments carrying top quality content?

Yes indeed! Our highly competent and experienced writers assure you premium quality content as per your project requirements. Once your assignment is done, our Quality Assurance Department checks it comprehensively and analyse mistakes both manually and digitally. This is not all! Your work is then examined through a credible plagiarism tool in order to detect the possibilities of plagiarism. These practices assure you a high class assignment that makes your work stand out among others.

Are you efficient enough to meet any urgent deadline?

Yes, for sure! We never encourage delays and always strive to provide you with on-time delivery. Our expert in-house writers know how to manage time for meeting an urgent deadline and that's why they carry out their tasks in a highly-organised and proficient manner. Don't worry, by trusting our valuable services, you will only get exactly what you require.

Can I refer Assignment Valley to my family, friends and other acquaintances?

Yes off course! You are free to spread our name in your family and friend's circle along with some other close connections. Because our service is based on truth and originality, there is no room for any malpractices unlike others. You can refer it to anyone who is seeking a reliable academic assignment writing help.

Do you offer any discounts to your clients?

You will be pleased to know that we offer a variety of discounts to our clients. Our discount offers depends on the number of pages you order. For further information, please check our PRICES page.

What is the method of delivering completed orders to your clients?

When we are done with your assignment, we directly send it to your email address which is provided with your order form. Rest assured, we guarantee on-time delivery without any additional cost.

If there are any charges on revision and can we ask it for unlimited times?

We truly believe in protecting our customer's confidentiality and that's why we never disclose your personal information in front of a third party. So, stay relaxed because we take care of your personal details just like ours and provide you with highly credible writing services.

Don't you think asking for a professional assistance is kind of cheating? If no, how you can justify it?

Surely no! If you are not good at so many things that are essential for writing a flawless assignment, then, it's good to opt for a professional assistance. You may not be able to:

So, in such a condition when you can't be able to manage things, isn't it great to have a service like us who will not only lessen your worries, but also, help you achieve good grades. By acquiring our help, you will get out of this skeptical condition that whether or not you can write an incredible assignment on your own.

Do you have any cancellation policy which I should know about?

Yes, we offer cancellation policy in order to acknowledge you in case if you want to cancel your orders. Visit our CANCELLATION POLICY page to get further details.

Do you offer any refund policy?

Yes, we offer refund policy to facilitate our customers if they ask us to return their money due to any unfortunate circumstances. Visit REFUND POLICY page for further details.

Can you tell me about your current services?

Sure, our writing professionals are highly qualified in their disciplines and have an aptitude to manage things with great responsibility. We offer high quality essays, coursework, term papers, dissertations, assignments and thesis. Apart from that, we are also pleased to offer some additional services including writing outlines, selecting topics, conducting researches, analysing and planning information, proofreading and editing, and further revisions.

How many modes of payments you accept to facilitate your clients?

For your convenience, Assignment Valley accepts all major credit cards including American Express, Visa, Master Card etc. If you like to pay through wire transfer, then you are always welcome to do so. We accept payments through Western Union and PayPal, so feel free to pay through any mode of payment.

How many clients you have assisted to date?

Since the inception we are serving our best and that's why we proudly say that we have helped a huge numbers of clients to date. We never keep the record of our writing assistance because we truly believe in what we are doing rather than counting the rate of conversions.

Does Assignment Valley have any facebook page?

Yes indeed! We do have our Facebook page. We are fully aware that without social media, we can't make our service highly prominent among people; therefore, we take advantage of Facebook to maximise our client's circle. Just CLICK HERE to visit our Facebook page.

How can I place my order?

There is a simple procedure which you have to follow. Submit your order by filling our ORDER form in which you have to give your personal details such as your name, email address and contact number. Also, you will be asked to provide your order details such as type of paper, its academic level, quality standard, number of pages and so on. For more details, please visit our 24/7 Online customer support.

Do you use any writing software?

Not at all! Let us clear you on one thing that our writing service is fully original and credible. We don't use any kind of writing software to write your assignment. However, we use anti-plagiarism tools for making your work more convincing and successful.

Do you offer writing in various formats? If yes, then what are those?

Yes we do offer various formats to strictly adhere your requirements. Team of our experienced writers are able to write in APA, MLA, Harvard, Chicago, Oxford formats, so forget your worries and give us a chance to serve you in the best manner.

Does Assignment Valley provide newsletters to its clients?

Yes, we do offer newsletters to our clients on weekly or monthly basis. However, this facility will be provided to our valid subscribers, so don't look further and CLICK HERE to subscribe to our newsletters.