Refund Policy

Clients are highly-advised to read, understand and comply with the following refund policy of Assignment Valley, prior to placing the order or using any services:

  • In the event that the client is not fully satisfied with the 7 revisions offered by Assignment Valley, the client is authorised to contact the company's customer support and file a detailed complaint regarding the issue. From there on it is our responsibility to either:
  • Assign the assignment to a different writer, it we deem that the order can be accomplished successfully by another writer.


    Offer complete refund back to the client.

  • It is at the sole discretion of Assignment Valley to grant refund to the client in case of a minor delay in the order's delivery or some slight inconsistencies as such issues don't hold much ground for a complete refund.
  • In the event that the client's credit card is mistakenly charged twice, Assignment Valley will be liable to immediately refund the erroneously-charged payment back to the client.
  • Contact and Dispute Resolution Policy

  • If the client feels discontented with the delivered assignment, the client will be liable to first notify the authorities of Assignment Valley for a direct resolution prior to contacting any intermediary.
  • In case if both the parties, i.e., Assignment Valley and the client, fail to reach to any direct settlement within 2 weeks, then the client is authorised to contact the intermediary for arbitration.
  • If the client fails to contact Assignment Valley prior to requesting a chargeback, it will be deemed as a violation of the agreement and counter-measures will be taken immediately